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Once, a bagelholic

10 Mar

Have I ever told you?

I used to be bagelholic.

I used to keep a thing called

bagel journal in which

I would rate and write comments on

the bagel I had each day.

I say each day

because I used to eat a bagel

every day.


Without missing even a day.

….Well, that is a lie

but I sure did have a lot of bagel

from the age 19-21ish.

I even ordered bagels from NY

when I lived in Seattle.

…and I got so angry at Fedex because they

messed up the delivery and my bagels got

kept in a storage and by the time I got them

they were kind of stale.

I even had bagel dolls

which I got through ebay.

(I was the only bidder…..hooray….)

It was a bagel with a face and limbs.

Back then,

they seemed so adorable

I thought I was going to love them forever

but something happened

and they just started to look silly and icky.

I think I sold them at a garage sale.

So, enough about the history of my bagelholicness.


I still enjoy having bagels.

I prefer bagels over donuts


I wouldn’t rate

how chewy the bagel was

using five stars


I wouldn’t collect

a smiling bagel with arms and legs.


I did go to a few bagel stores in NY

and I wish I got to go to other ones too!

(Next time, I will.)

Anyways anyways…..

I really liked

Bagel Smith so if you are in Williamsburg area

and if you want to grab something quick and yummy,

try it!!


Bagel Smith

189 Bedford Ave
(between 6th St & 7th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Open daily

Open 24 hours


The Vampyr

13 Dec

The weekend was semi-full of museums

and feeling lazy and energetic at the same time.

Matthew and I went to

The Frick Collection

which has to be one of the best museums

I have ever been to.

The size is just right,

what they have are just so marvelous

that just being there made me want to cry.

Unfortunately we only had an hour

till they close so we didn’t get to see all

but I am DEFINITELY going to go back.

But really really really,

I just wanted to stay there

and not leave.

On Sunday we went to MoMa

and watched a film called


It’s a silent film made in the 30s.

Unfortunately they didn’t have subtitles

though they said they would,

therefore we didn’t know what was going on…

Oh well, the visuals were beautiful

and I enjoyed staring at the pictures.

After the museum, we got some roasted nuts on the

5th ave and went to

F.A.O Schwarz which is a huge toy store

established in 1862.

Munching on roasted nuts on

the fifth avenue looking at all the lights on the streets

was very satisfying.

I should do that again

wearing a nicer dress.

Maybe I will eat some hotdogs too.

For dinner we went to


and had delicious sandwich (?).

Oh yes, another exciting thing was that

I got to go to Bagel Smith and had

a sesame bagel with walnut raisin cream cheese.

Oh boy, if this was

4 years ago when I was a bagel mania,

I would have been crying with joy.

(I didn’t cry with joy but I really enjoyed it!)

Oh no, it’s turning into a list of

‘what I did’.

That is kind of lame…

well, my films are going to be developed soon

so hopefully I will make a better entry the next time.

Bye for now.