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The wind blew

20 Jun

On a train.

Reading a book.

The window is opened.

The moment the train enters

the tunnel,

strong wind blew

blowing the pages of the book.

Suddenly a bookmark that I never noticed being there

falls on the floor.

I pick up.

On the bookmark it says



それで失敗である。 (松下幸之助)

If you don’t try until you are successful,

and if you give it up half way,

only then, it is a failure.

(Yukinosuke Matsushita)



the right words fall upon from nowhere,

like it was meant to be.


Remembering Ishinomaki

14 Jun

I wonder

how people I’ve met in Ishinomaki

are doing these days.

I wonder

if they’ve found a place to live

besides school classrooms.


Looking at the film photos

that I took in Ishinomaki,

it makes me miss all the smiles I met there.

As long as smiles exist

19 May

I got back from Ishinomaki-shi
earlier tonight.

I can’t write everything
that I am feeling now but
I am very very glad I went.

I don’t know what
I was able to do for the people there,
and whatever it was that I did,
I know it’s not as direct as
shoveling out mud from the houses or
building a temporary shelters.

But, I did get to meet people directly and
was able to see people smiling
and heard people telling me to come back again
to see them again.

I heard people telling me that
they don’t know what to do
but I never ever heard people

`I give up.`


So many people with warm heart.
So many people with great smile.
It may take a while but
I know you can do it.

We can do it.

If you are interested in
the volunteer activity I participated,
here is the link.



28 Mar

From quiet colors


more vivid colors.

It’s happening soon.


26 Mar


by the time I upload all the photos

I’ve taken in NY,

spring will be here.

Quick quick,

because I don’t have

that many more left.

A warm cloudy day


a cold sunny day.

I think I take the latter one though.

Once, a bagelholic

10 Mar

Have I ever told you?

I used to be bagelholic.

I used to keep a thing called

bagel journal in which

I would rate and write comments on

the bagel I had each day.

I say each day

because I used to eat a bagel

every day.


Without missing even a day.

….Well, that is a lie

but I sure did have a lot of bagel

from the age 19-21ish.

I even ordered bagels from NY

when I lived in Seattle.

…and I got so angry at Fedex because they

messed up the delivery and my bagels got

kept in a storage and by the time I got them

they were kind of stale.

I even had bagel dolls

which I got through ebay.

(I was the only bidder…..hooray….)

It was a bagel with a face and limbs.

Back then,

they seemed so adorable

I thought I was going to love them forever

but something happened

and they just started to look silly and icky.

I think I sold them at a garage sale.

So, enough about the history of my bagelholicness.


I still enjoy having bagels.

I prefer bagels over donuts


I wouldn’t rate

how chewy the bagel was

using five stars


I wouldn’t collect

a smiling bagel with arms and legs.


I did go to a few bagel stores in NY

and I wish I got to go to other ones too!

(Next time, I will.)

Anyways anyways…..

I really liked

Bagel Smith so if you are in Williamsburg area

and if you want to grab something quick and yummy,

try it!!


Bagel Smith

189 Bedford Ave
(between 6th St & 7th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Open daily

Open 24 hours

walking, coffee in my hand

9 Mar

So Leonardo,

you came to Thailand.

you came to New York.

Are you here in Tokyo yet?

The vintage buttons

I’d gone crazy over.

The day I felt that the spring was

not too far from where I was standing.

The santa that made me feel sad.

The day

I was simply happy.