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a pen and a notebook

24 Jan

So, I got a call from my parents in Japan

and they told me that

they have to demolish my grandpa’s house

sooner than they wanted.

Which means, I need to modify my to-do-LIST.


□ Make a photo album of my Grandpa’s fort

(The house my dad grew up is going to be

torn down now that my grandpa passed away.

…it’s sad.)


□ create ‘Mom’s recipe book’

□ Travel to a country that is completely new to me.

□ Start studying another language.

(…and I am thinking French would be good.)

□design/make my business card


While I was at Millers by myself drinking,

I realized I didn’t bring any book to read

so I started making a list.

(Thank goodness I had my pen and my notebook,

I know this may sound silly but

I can’t just write with whatever pen and a piece of paper.)

The lists were…

– what I want to do by the time I turn 30,

– what I want to do while I am back in Japan

(so that I would know how long

I should be staying there this time.)

– what I want to do this year (besides the ones I listed above)

and this list has stuff like

‘always keep nails clean and polished.’

I guess making a list is like a little game to me.

Write down things that wouldn’t be so difficult to accomplish

but just the fact that you can cross out that item

is satisfying and motivating

and I think it makes it easier for me

to challenge a bigger thing.


Through my lense

1 Jul

Hello again, to those who already know me.

Good to see you here.

Nice to meet you, to those who stumble upon my blog for the very first time.

I would like to use my semi-first entry as an album.

An album of photos I like.

All the photos here are taken with Olympus XA.

It’s a tiny little camera and people often ask me

if it’s a toy camera or not.

It’s my toy, yes.  But it’s not a toy camera.

<My littlebut serious MOTTO>

Whether it came out well or not, I hardly ever edit my photos.

That has become kind of like my motto over the past years.

For me, not knowing whether it looks nice or not is part of the excitement of using films.

So, well,  if I do edit, I will let you know.

This is MY rule and I am not criticizing anybody, by the way.

I am just saying that it is not for me.

I want to treat my photos like polaroid.

The view I love

a view of U-district


Little buddies

Leaving Thailand

My black&white film will be ready

on the 5th. I am looking forward to seeing it.