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come here…

16 Apr

It already smelled like

the beginning of summer today.




cherry blossom petals in the air,

straw hat.


cotton candy water

23 Mar


in my dream











cold or warm.

I love you even though you’re faking….

18 Mar


I was telling Matthew that I love

strawberry flavor.

No no, not the flavor of strawberry.

I’m saying

I love

fake strawberry flavor.

A spot of RED

8 Mar

Finally got my photos developed.

I was actually going to get that done

while I was still in NY

but oh well, that is okay.


I’ve been told by many people that I walk slow.

At first, I thought it was only men

who think I walk slow

but apparently,

my sisters think I walk slow too.

Well, fine then.

I walk slow.

I walk slow because it’s too difficult

to walk fast

and to look up and down.

I tend to not look at right and left.

(Oh I know it’s a bad idea.

But it’s so difficult to look up and down and right and left

and ‘up&down’ is more interesting to look at than ‘right&left’)

Well, anyways….

I like to look at

below my eye levels and

above my eye levels

and that is my excuse for me

not being able to walk fast.

See, when you look

below your eye level,

you may find stuff like this.

(Too bad it’s blurry

but I also like it blurry.)

Oui oui oui…

28 Feb

illustration by flowerball

This time for sure,

while I am in Tokyo,

I will start studying French.

(Yes, I said it.)

The text book is

right in front of me.

I bought it the last time

I was back in Tokyo

but I never opened it…

Okay, tomorrow,

on my way to Shibuya,

I will read/study it on the train.

hurry up, come out

26 Feb


little by little,

it’s walking towards me,

it’s going to hit me hard soon.

illustration by flowerball

The sun is not even out for another 3 hours or so.

I am wide awake.


Oh, so jet lag has finally decided that

it’s not going to leave me alone.


Tada, in Tokyo

26 Feb

illustration by flowerball


My first day since being back in Tokyo

has been very mellow.

I was going to go outside

but then I realized I didn’t have

the key so I couldn’t leave my home.


So pretty much all I did today was

listened to the Beatles for hours,

(and I am still listening to their music now);

unpacked my suitcase

and cleaned my room;

colored my drawings….;

thought about how to make money

so that I could go to the West Coast

this summer…etc etc

Not much to tell

so I think I will go back to

coloring my illustrations…

Hopefully I will have something

to tell you tomorrow.


Oh, you know?

I can’t find a roll of film that i finished

in NY.

I wonder where it has gone…