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Remembering Ishinomaki

14 Jun

I wonder

how people I’ve met in Ishinomaki

are doing these days.

I wonder

if they’ve found a place to live

besides school classrooms.


Looking at the film photos

that I took in Ishinomaki,

it makes me miss all the smiles I met there.


The changes

12 Jun

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.

~Coco Chanel


28 Mar

From quiet colors


more vivid colors.

It’s happening soon.

Once, a bagelholic

10 Mar

Have I ever told you?

I used to be bagelholic.

I used to keep a thing called

bagel journal in which

I would rate and write comments on

the bagel I had each day.

I say each day

because I used to eat a bagel

every day.


Without missing even a day.

….Well, that is a lie

but I sure did have a lot of bagel

from the age 19-21ish.

I even ordered bagels from NY

when I lived in Seattle.

…and I got so angry at Fedex because they

messed up the delivery and my bagels got

kept in a storage and by the time I got them

they were kind of stale.

I even had bagel dolls

which I got through ebay.

(I was the only bidder…..hooray….)

It was a bagel with a face and limbs.

Back then,

they seemed so adorable

I thought I was going to love them forever

but something happened

and they just started to look silly and icky.

I think I sold them at a garage sale.

So, enough about the history of my bagelholicness.


I still enjoy having bagels.

I prefer bagels over donuts


I wouldn’t rate

how chewy the bagel was

using five stars


I wouldn’t collect

a smiling bagel with arms and legs.


I did go to a few bagel stores in NY

and I wish I got to go to other ones too!

(Next time, I will.)

Anyways anyways…..

I really liked

Bagel Smith so if you are in Williamsburg area

and if you want to grab something quick and yummy,

try it!!


Bagel Smith

189 Bedford Ave
(between 6th St & 7th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Open daily

Open 24 hours

the warmth

27 Jan

Looking back at old photos.

Just feeling a little nostalgic for warmth.

It’s snowing again here in NY

and it’s about 10F outside.

I have never been in a place so cold

besides the freezer we had at the store I worked at.

A human body could stand under a harsh condition,

and I am fascinated by my own adaptability.

Oh boy, but I would really love to

take off my coat and boots and run around

without worrying about slipping or sliding on the snow.

Just a day or two would be fine.

I know, this is just me

wanting something that is on the opposite end.

I do that sometimes.


chocolatey way

20 Jan

I really really want some chocolate NOW

but I don’t have it

so I am trying to satisfy my cravings with

Smith’s Mocha Rose Lip Balm

but of course, it doesn’t work.

Anyways, this has nothing to do with

the photos I’ve put up

and even the two photos have

nothing to do with each other

besides the fact that I took them.

If you were shown my photos,

would you know that it was taken

by a same person?

I think that is what I need.

A signature.

Not an actual signature but

something that is very unique and original.

I admire and respect artists

who could do that

and make people say

‘this piece is done by this person.’


How did chocolate bring me here?


Husky Voice

4 Jan

Photos taken in Tokyo, Japan.

I thought I lost this roll of film but

I found it on the bottom of my purse,

right before I left Japan

so I developed it in NY.

I always love photos that look a little bit coarse

with a little dull colors.

I wish I had husky voice that goes with

the quality of the photos.


I have been getting up at around 11 or noon

so I better go to bed now

so that I could get up at 6:00 AM tomorrow.


My resolution for this week is…

– Eat Healthy

Yes, that’s right.

Whenever I am in the city over the weekends,

I feel like I am eating and drinking terribly.

Time to reset my body!