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Swallow babies

3 Jul

There are many swallows near my place these days.

I noticed there is a nest under a roof of a burger place

and there were 4 babies waiting for the mother to bring back some food.

They were so cute that I had to stop for a while

and just watch them and see how the mother feeds them.

Well, I was there for about maybe 5 minutes or so

and an old lady came and stop right by myself to see what I was doing.

She saw that I was looking at the babies and she said

‘oh my, aren’t they cute!’

I said

‘yes, aren’t they?’

We smiled at each other and she left.

That kind of little interactions between strangers

make everybody’s life so much better and happier.

I wish people take more time to just greet and chat and smile.

Yep, greet,

chat and smile…