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hamburger challenge

1 May

Here comes my favorite month of the year.

Here comes the day

I have been waiting for too….


At 9:30 AM,

my sister Akiko and I left home

to walk to Shibuya,

which is about 2.5H walk.

(After the long long walk,

hawaiian hamburger awaits us!)

By the way, for some reasons,

when Akiko and I plan to do something,

the mother nature likes to test our strength,

so it seems.

(…like the blizzard in NY.)

Today, as we were walking,

we constantly had to fight against

ridiculous wind

but we managed to walk all the way to Shibuya

and then went to KUA AINA

and had a huge burger and fries.

It was rather embarrassing walking around Shibuya

with messy hair (from the wind),

parka and sweatpants

but oh well,

who cares.

Akiko had errands to run in the area

so she couldn’t walk back with me

but I decided to do it alone.

Did I give up half way?

No way.

I made it.

 About 12 miles walk and

now my legs are sore but I am satisfied.

Where should be our next destination?


Quick trip to Shanghai…

25 Apr

Over the weekend,

my sisters and I went to visit

our dad and mom

who were and are still in Shanghai.

Much eating,

much drinking…

What else have we done?

Oh, shopping….

Yes, much shopping.

If the clothes turn out well,

maybe I will do a fashion show on my blog.

Well, we well see…

I said ‘turn out well‘ because

we are getting our clothes tailored.

There is this huge market that is

filled with fabric stores and tailor shops.

All you have to do is,

bring in a photo of

clothes you want them to make,

and they do it for you.

I guess you will have to know

how to bargain with the tailors

but mom goes there frequent enough that

she just knows how to

carry on the conversation and

ask them what kind of a deal

she could have.

The tailors and my mom both speak in

 broken English

so it was pretty funny and cute

to see them interact!

Anyways, it is a neat market

and I enjoyed it a lot.

By the way, isn’t it ridiculous to think that

buying clothes in Japan could be

more expensive than

getting your clothes tailored in Shanghai?!

The world is weird.


I didn’t really feel

like taking many photos there, unfortunately.

powdery pink

9 Apr

A cloudy day.

You can barely tell

where the border of

the sky

and the blossoms is.

Tokyo Black (porter)

pretty good beer.

Maybe the thickest beer I’ve had

since I got back from the States.

I love swan boat…

It was a better exercise than I thought, though.

(…but I love it!)

When was the last time

I saw cherry blossoms in Japan?


When the wind blows

and when the petals float in the air,

it makes me want to cry.

I’d forgotten that feeling.

Now, I remember it again.


I’m very glad

I went out to witness

the beginning of spring.

I know I still have a lot of work to do…

But a little break is alright, right?


plum trees

6 Apr

Sweet little things….

Can you feel it?

5 Apr

Finally (yes, finally!)

it feels like spring has arrived in Tokyo.

I biked for 2 hours today…

well actually,

I think it’s more accurate to say that

I ended up biking for 2 hours

because I kept getting lost

and kept coming back to the same place.

I didn’t mind though, of course.

It was a perfect day to get lost.

Almost almost…

Cherry blossoms will look gorgeous

this weekend.

walking, coffee in my hand

9 Mar

So Leonardo,

you came to Thailand.

you came to New York.

Are you here in Tokyo yet?

The vintage buttons

I’d gone crazy over.

The day I felt that the spring was

not too far from where I was standing.

The santa that made me feel sad.

The day

I was simply happy.

A spot of RED

8 Mar

Finally got my photos developed.

I was actually going to get that done

while I was still in NY

but oh well, that is okay.


I’ve been told by many people that I walk slow.

At first, I thought it was only men

who think I walk slow

but apparently,

my sisters think I walk slow too.

Well, fine then.

I walk slow.

I walk slow because it’s too difficult

to walk fast

and to look up and down.

I tend to not look at right and left.

(Oh I know it’s a bad idea.

But it’s so difficult to look up and down and right and left

and ‘up&down’ is more interesting to look at than ‘right&left’)

Well, anyways….

I like to look at

below my eye levels and

above my eye levels

and that is my excuse for me

not being able to walk fast.

See, when you look

below your eye level,

you may find stuff like this.

(Too bad it’s blurry

but I also like it blurry.)