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As long as smiles exist

19 May

I got back from Ishinomaki-shi
earlier tonight.

I can’t write everything
that I am feeling now but
I am very very glad I went.

I don’t know what
I was able to do for the people there,
and whatever it was that I did,
I know it’s not as direct as
shoveling out mud from the houses or
building a temporary shelters.

But, I did get to meet people directly and
was able to see people smiling
and heard people telling me to come back again
to see them again.

I heard people telling me that
they don’t know what to do
but I never ever heard people

`I give up.`


So many people with warm heart.
So many people with great smile.
It may take a while but
I know you can do it.

We can do it.

If you are interested in
the volunteer activity I participated,
here is the link.


off I go…

14 May

From tomorrow until the 19th,

I will be in Ishinomaki-shi.

I’m going to go

to keep my promise.

The promise I made to myself

when that earthquake happened.

A little closer

17 Apr

I’m wondering if it is good
to write this on my blog or not….

But since today was
kind of an important day for me in that
I actually took an action
rather than just writing my thoughts on this blog,
I think I will keep this post as my record.


I went to a flea market today.

Not to shop
to have a booth there.

I had been planning on this
since that week of massive earthquakes.

I was looking for a way to help
but the situation was too much of a chaos
that the sites were not ready to
accept volunteers or goods.

Instead, what we were encouraged to do
was to donate money.
But then,
sadly and embarrassingly
I didn’t have much
I could donate.

I felt useless.

So I started to think of other ways to be a little help.

I remembered how much I used to enjoy
having a booth at a flea market
so I decided that I would raise money
by selling what I have.

That way, I could recycle and raise money at the same time.


Thanks to my family
who has also donated things for me to sell,
thanks to Mr. and Mrs.Morita
who have given me a ride to the flea market…

I sold most of what I’d taken with me
and raised about

14245 yen (about 175 USD)

I will donate the money to


hoping that the lives of children
who’ve lost their parent(s)
will be brighter in the future.

As much as I wanted to help people
who were and are devastated,
much of the motivation came from
my own self-hatred as well.

I wanted to cleanse my mind and soul.

…I want to see how I would feel
after I actually send the money
to the donation fund.

After all,
I’m such a *me, me* person!

Oh boy


Oh well.


15 Mar
























waiting for the dawn

13 Mar

I used to say

‘spring better arrive here soon

just because I wanted to wear my new dress,

just because I wanted to see flowers blooming,

and just because

I was simply tired of the cold weather.

Now, I will say the same thing,

except this time,

I will say

for all those people who are freezing in the darkness

without heat or light.

So spring, you better arrive here soon.