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Remembering Ishinomaki

14 Jun

I wonder

how people I’ve met in Ishinomaki

are doing these days.

I wonder

if they’ve found a place to live

besides school classrooms.


Looking at the film photos

that I took in Ishinomaki,

it makes me miss all the smiles I met there.



28 Mar

From quiet colors


more vivid colors.

It’s happening soon.


26 Mar


by the time I upload all the photos

I’ve taken in NY,

spring will be here.

Quick quick,

because I don’t have

that many more left.

A warm cloudy day


a cold sunny day.

I think I take the latter one though.

walking, coffee in my hand

9 Mar

So Leonardo,

you came to Thailand.

you came to New York.

Are you here in Tokyo yet?

The vintage buttons

I’d gone crazy over.

The day I felt that the spring was

not too far from where I was standing.

The santa that made me feel sad.

The day

I was simply happy.

the warmth

27 Jan

Looking back at old photos.

Just feeling a little nostalgic for warmth.

It’s snowing again here in NY

and it’s about 10F outside.

I have never been in a place so cold

besides the freezer we had at the store I worked at.

A human body could stand under a harsh condition,

and I am fascinated by my own adaptability.

Oh boy, but I would really love to

take off my coat and boots and run around

without worrying about slipping or sliding on the snow.

Just a day or two would be fine.

I know, this is just me

wanting something that is on the opposite end.

I do that sometimes.



7 Jan

Tomorrow is Friday.

Friday is the beginning of Weekend.

Weekend happens in the City.

City means Williamsburg (…for me.)

Williamsburg means Coffee in every corner.

Coffee won’t be rejected by Yoshi.

Yoshi will be Caffeinated.

Am I addicted to coffee

or am I addicted to the act of holding

a large coffee cup.

Perhaps both.

Alien Abduction

6 Jan

Location: Tokyo Japan

camera used: Olympus XA



I think I accidentally opened the camera

before the film was finished.

I like how it looks though.