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Happy Birthday Dad

14 Sep

Yesterday, September 13th was my dad’s birthday.

I’m so lucky to have you as my father.

Love you!

Also….thank you for Capriccio for making

a special birthday cake!


family, friends, good food and good wine

4 Apr

Have I told you about

my family’s  favorite restaurant?

The place is called Capriccio,

a little tiny neighborhood restaurant.

Last night

we had a little welcome party for my father’s

co-worker and his family who returned to Japan

from Shanghai.


I hope this place make it through this hard time.

Lots of people are feeling hesitant

about dining out

so restaurants are having difficult time

ever since the earthquake has happened.

I was feeling the same too

(…and I still do in some ways.)

How could I go to a nice restaurant and have fun

when lots of people are still suffering?

That was my initial reaction

during the first 2 weeks or so.

Now, the attitude in Japan is starting to change.

People still care and think about the event

but more and more,

the industry and the society

are encouraging people to dine out

so that the economy

will still be alive

and still be moving.

When the event happened,

I never imagined that the influence would stretch out so much

as to affect out little neighborhood restaurant.

(Of course the party has to end with a cake…!)


family, friends, good food and good wine

(yes, we opened a lot of bottles…)

we had a lovely time together!


If you come visit me,

and if you are taken to this place,

you know that I love you. Hehe.

vino vino vino

9 Jul

Hello, there.

It is raining in Tokyo today but it’s alright

because I had tasty Italian food for dinner with my sisters and my mom.

Tomo-chan, the youngest sister, and I.

Akiko, the oldest sister, and mom.

I loveeeee Italian food.

I better go to Italy some time….

Of course not only for food but history and art

and all the other things as well.

I love going out with my parents and my sisters

but mom&sisters night out has its own charm ❤

(Sorry dad, don’t worry I love going out with you too!!!)

By the way,

I think I prefer drinking wine with girls.

I don’t know why but I just do.

Cocktails and beers…. I love them either way but wine, it’s better with girls!!

….but that is just me.