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through a tunnel

11 Apr

It’s Monday

and it’s sunny,

I’ve completed all my work over the weekend (phew!)

and I have all the time for myself.

Happy happy.

Mom and I went on a

petite cycling trip in a park.

Ready to cycle through

a cherry blossom tunnel?

‘Everything will be alright’

cherry blossoms make me feel that way.

I love cherry blossoms

when they are a little bit past its

full bloom.

Spring is short.

I will try to inhale as much spring as possible.

Spring is everywhere!



powdery pink

9 Apr

A cloudy day.

You can barely tell

where the border of

the sky

and the blossoms is.

Tokyo Black (porter)

pretty good beer.

Maybe the thickest beer I’ve had

since I got back from the States.

I love swan boat…

It was a better exercise than I thought, though.

(…but I love it!)

When was the last time

I saw cherry blossoms in Japan?


When the wind blows

and when the petals float in the air,

it makes me want to cry.

I’d forgotten that feeling.

Now, I remember it again.


I’m very glad

I went out to witness

the beginning of spring.

I know I still have a lot of work to do…

But a little break is alright, right?