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Happy Birthday Dad

14 Sep

Yesterday, September 13th was my dad’s birthday.

I’m so lucky to have you as my father.

Love you!

Also….thank you for Capriccio for making

a special birthday cake!


28 Aug

My last and only bit of summer-y event.

Worked all day in yukata which was a lot of fun.

Then the store manager invited 3 other girls and myself

to the roof top to see the firework

and treated us to beer and banquet.


So glad I got to see firework before the summer ends.

random pieces of my days

15 Aug

I’m like this cat

….in many ways.

Sadly, it looks kind of natural…

…and you look kind of familiar.

my very secret addiction

Crane game.

When you walk around Tokyo,
you find random cucumbers.

Sneak peak of my life.

where did the time go…?

7 Aug

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month
since the last time I’ve updated my blog.

July was unbelievably busy,
well, to be accurate,
I made it busy.

I will be like this until I reach ‘the point’.

I will keep running.

But please don’t forget,

I think about you


I miss you.


You ask why I am so busy?

I think it’s because there are only 24 hours in a day.

It’s not my fault.


Yoshiko + Technology

4 Jul

I got an iphone.

Whoa, technology,

you amazes me.

The wind blew

20 Jun

On a train.

Reading a book.

The window is opened.

The moment the train enters

the tunnel,

strong wind blew

blowing the pages of the book.

Suddenly a bookmark that I never noticed being there

falls on the floor.

I pick up.

On the bookmark it says



それで失敗である。 (松下幸之助)

If you don’t try until you are successful,

and if you give it up half way,

only then, it is a failure.

(Yukinosuke Matsushita)



the right words fall upon from nowhere,

like it was meant to be.

Remembering Ishinomaki

14 Jun

I wonder

how people I’ve met in Ishinomaki

are doing these days.

I wonder

if they’ve found a place to live

besides school classrooms.


Looking at the film photos

that I took in Ishinomaki,

it makes me miss all the smiles I met there.