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A little peek inside my room…

29 Mar


Meet my bouncy buddy Rody

who needs a little more air to regain his bounciness.)



Meet Mr.Happy

who doesn’t mind being kept inside

a glass cake display.



Prewar kokeshi (wooden Japanese doll)

that was probably sold

at a souvenir shops in Kyoto back in the days.

I found them at an antique store

and I just couldn’t resist

bringing them back home with me.


How many things with a face

do you have in your room?

Why so many things?

4 Mar

Village Vanguard (…not the one in NY)

is one of my favorite places to hang out or to kill time.

Good humors, interesting artsy stuff,

cool cameras, good music etc etc…

The place is a bit too overwhelming

but I can’t resist going back

and whenever I go back to the place,

it makes me wonder

why Japanese culture is

so obsessed with things.

I don’t know how to put this

but you will probably understand

what I mean by this

if you go to Village Vanguard.


There are many locations but this one is my favorite

Village Vanguard

〒155-0031 世田谷区北沢2-10-15 マルシェ下北沢/

Setagaya-ku, Kitazawa

2-10-15 Marche Shimokitazawa

Store Hours/ 10:00-24:00

Open daily


Shimokitazawa has always been

one of my favorite places to hang out.

As soon as the school was over,

I would walk there

and stay there until it got dark.

The place has changed a lot

but it still got the same charm….

If you like retro stuff,

and if you want to see how 60s and 70s were

in Japan, it’s must-go.

(Also you will find vintage French and American

apparels and products in a very good condition.)


a jar full…

7 Feb

I love buttons.

I get so excited when I see

huge tubs filled with vintage buttons.

All the colors and different shapes

inspire me to make something.

They are like candies

that don’t kill your teeth.

So sweet.

Yum yum.


On Sunday, after having a brunch with

Matthew (yes click!!) at Fada,

I was walking to go to

Mast Brother’s Chocolate

and decided to stop by at Junk on Driggs.

You know, when you pass by at a thrift store

or a vintage store,

and when you feel like something is

calling you,

your instinct is usually right.

You will find something that excites you.


I went inside the store

and stumbled upon pools of buttons.

Yes, butterflies in my stomach.

I think I stayed there for 90 minutes or so,

just searching for pretty buttons.


I got an eye candy and inspiration,

instead of a candy wrapped in a gold foil.