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Peter Pan

25 Mar


Peter Pan Bakery

727 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mon-Sat: 9 am – 8 pm

Sun: 9 am – 7 pm

Once in a while,

it’s good to treat yourself

to a HUGE donuts that is covered

with frosting.



Support local businesses!

I will go support one tonight

here in Tokyo.



Once, a bagelholic

10 Mar

Have I ever told you?

I used to be bagelholic.

I used to keep a thing called

bagel journal in which

I would rate and write comments on

the bagel I had each day.

I say each day

because I used to eat a bagel

every day.


Without missing even a day.

….Well, that is a lie

but I sure did have a lot of bagel

from the age 19-21ish.

I even ordered bagels from NY

when I lived in Seattle.

…and I got so angry at Fedex because they

messed up the delivery and my bagels got

kept in a storage and by the time I got them

they were kind of stale.

I even had bagel dolls

which I got through ebay.

(I was the only bidder…..hooray….)

It was a bagel with a face and limbs.

Back then,

they seemed so adorable

I thought I was going to love them forever

but something happened

and they just started to look silly and icky.

I think I sold them at a garage sale.

So, enough about the history of my bagelholicness.


I still enjoy having bagels.

I prefer bagels over donuts


I wouldn’t rate

how chewy the bagel was

using five stars


I wouldn’t collect

a smiling bagel with arms and legs.


I did go to a few bagel stores in NY

and I wish I got to go to other ones too!

(Next time, I will.)

Anyways anyways…..

I really liked

Bagel Smith so if you are in Williamsburg area

and if you want to grab something quick and yummy,

try it!!


Bagel Smith

189 Bedford Ave
(between 6th St & 7th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Open daily

Open 24 hours

You, you or you…

24 Feb

3 months I spent in NY

was truly lovely

despite the harsh winter.


even the harsh winter was

part of the beauty.

I got to see so many familiar faces

I got to meet so many new faces.

You will never know how much joy

you have brought me

and I hope,

I was able to bring you,

perhaps a little bit of joy to your life as well.

You might ask,

what my favorite part of being

in NY was.

Then I say,

I loved every single bits of it.

Just being here,

inhaling the air,

walking on the street,

hearing the musicians play music

in the subway,

seeing people,

meeting people,

greeting strangers,

being greeted by strangers.

Seriously everything.

…I was just so so happy

and this wouldn’t have been

the same


you, you or you.

I’m talking about YOU.

Thank you.


Magic Garden

22 Feb

A day trip to Philadelphia

with Matthew

and his sister Alex and her boyfriend Chris.

We went to Mutter Museum

which was interesting

but very disturbing and sad.

I don’t know what to say about the place

so I guess I will just skip

and move on to the pretty part of the day.

After the museum,

we went to Magic Garden.

This is my last weekend here

and I have been doing a lot of things

so it feels like I should be able to write more.

Maybe I can write about this week

once I am in Japan.

It’s easier to write about the days that past

than about the present moment.

ciao ciao

It’s here…

15 Feb

Did you do anything special today?

I didn’t.

But I felt happy.

It was pretty windy today

and I usually don’t like

a windy day

but the wind smelled like spring.



I don’t get to see the flowers blooming

or the trees growing brand new leaves

here in NY.


But happy.

At least,

it makes me want to be

as sensitive as I could

so I would feel the season changing in NY.


Smell of spring always makes me feel


That is why I can’t live

at a place where

there is not much season changing.


So what’s next for me?

a jar full…

7 Feb

I love buttons.

I get so excited when I see

huge tubs filled with vintage buttons.

All the colors and different shapes

inspire me to make something.

They are like candies

that don’t kill your teeth.

So sweet.

Yum yum.


On Sunday, after having a brunch with

Matthew (yes click!!) at Fada,

I was walking to go to

Mast Brother’s Chocolate

and decided to stop by at Junk on Driggs.

You know, when you pass by at a thrift store

or a vintage store,

and when you feel like something is

calling you,

your instinct is usually right.

You will find something that excites you.


I went inside the store

and stumbled upon pools of buttons.

Yes, butterflies in my stomach.

I think I stayed there for 90 minutes or so,

just searching for pretty buttons.


I got an eye candy and inspiration,

instead of a candy wrapped in a gold foil.

Blue Bottle Coffee

1 Feb

Blue Bottle Coffee

160 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY
M-F 7-7, Sat & Sun 8-7

Another thing I did over the weekend

besides the bus adventure.

I finally got to go to Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg.

Matt, Drew and I tried to go on the New year’s day

but it was closed

so after a whole month, we finally made it there 🙂

coffee (Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry)…excellent

atmosphere….liked it

price…just about right

music….liked it

location…I like how it is a little bit

away from Bedford ave.

= big smile