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Blue Bottle Coffee

1 Feb

Blue Bottle Coffee

160 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY
M-F 7-7, Sat & Sun 8-7

Another thing I did over the weekend

besides the bus adventure.

I finally got to go to Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg.

Matt, Drew and I tried to go on the New year’s day

but it was closed

so after a whole month, we finally made it there 🙂

coffee (Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry)…excellent

atmosphere….liked it

price…just about right

music….liked it

location…I like how it is a little bit

away from Bedford ave.

= big smile


Dutch Coffee….for Leonardo

15 Aug

Akiko (my older sister) and I went to a cafe

in Kichijoji.

There, I had Dutch Coffee on the rocks.

(That was how it was written on the menu)



Isn’t the water drip coffee machine beautiful??

(The first photo on top)

The presentation was lovely as well.

I loved the design of the saucer.

The taste was pretty wonderful too.

It was so much thicker than regular iced coffee.

It was sweet without any sugar or cream as well.


I love the act of drinking coffee

but I am not THAT picky about what coffee to drink.

I know when I don’t like it,

but when the coffee is average or above, I am not very picky.

But anyways,

I think Dutch coffee is my favorite now.

I will have to see where else serves it in Tokyo.

…and I wonder if 800yen (about 8 bucks) is normal price for

water drip coffee in Japan.

A little bit too pricey for me to drink everyday.

So, I guess it will be a treat that I get once in a while.


Leonardo, here is another reason

why you got to come visit Tokyo!!

Dutch coffee is waiting for you.

..and have you found a place where you could have

water drip coffee in Seattle??