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The changes

12 Jun

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.

~Coco Chanel



26 Mar


by the time I upload all the photos

I’ve taken in NY,

spring will be here.

Quick quick,

because I don’t have

that many more left.

A warm cloudy day


a cold sunny day.

I think I take the latter one though.

cotton candy water

23 Mar


in my dream











cold or warm.

I love you even though you’re faking….

18 Mar


I was telling Matthew that I love

strawberry flavor.

No no, not the flavor of strawberry.

I’m saying

I love

fake strawberry flavor.

walking, coffee in my hand

9 Mar

So Leonardo,

you came to Thailand.

you came to New York.

Are you here in Tokyo yet?

The vintage buttons

I’d gone crazy over.

The day I felt that the spring was

not too far from where I was standing.

The santa that made me feel sad.

The day

I was simply happy.

A spot of RED

8 Mar

Finally got my photos developed.

I was actually going to get that done

while I was still in NY

but oh well, that is okay.


I’ve been told by many people that I walk slow.

At first, I thought it was only men

who think I walk slow

but apparently,

my sisters think I walk slow too.

Well, fine then.

I walk slow.

I walk slow because it’s too difficult

to walk fast

and to look up and down.

I tend to not look at right and left.

(Oh I know it’s a bad idea.

But it’s so difficult to look up and down and right and left

and ‘up&down’ is more interesting to look at than ‘right&left’)

Well, anyways….

I like to look at

below my eye levels and

above my eye levels

and that is my excuse for me

not being able to walk fast.

See, when you look

below your eye level,

you may find stuff like this.

(Too bad it’s blurry

but I also like it blurry.)

a moment of spark

2 Mar

illustration by flowerball

I thought I lost a roll of film

that I’ve finished in NY

and I was disappointed

but then something sparked in my mind

last night

when I was about to go to bed.

I was pretty confident that the film

would be inside this box I have.

I got up this morning,

opened a box

and the film was there.

I love that moment.

The moment something sparks

in your mind.