hamburger challenge

1 May

Here comes my favorite month of the year.

Here comes the day

I have been waiting for too….


At 9:30 AM,

my sister Akiko and I left home

to walk to Shibuya,

which is about 2.5H walk.

(After the long long walk,

hawaiian hamburger awaits us!)

By the way, for some reasons,

when Akiko and I plan to do something,

the mother nature likes to test our strength,

so it seems.

(…like the blizzard in NY.)

Today, as we were walking,

we constantly had to fight against

ridiculous wind

but we managed to walk all the way to Shibuya

and then went to KUA AINA

and had a huge burger and fries.

It was rather embarrassing walking around Shibuya

with messy hair (from the wind),

parka and sweatpants

but oh well,

who cares.

Akiko had errands to run in the area

so she couldn’t walk back with me

but I decided to do it alone.

Did I give up half way?

No way.

I made it.

 About 12 miles walk and

now my legs are sore but I am satisfied.

Where should be our next destination?


2 Responses to “hamburger challenge”

  1. yukes May 4, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    wow! sounds like fun!
    but 2.5 hours just to eat a hamburger?
    those must be some delicious hamburgers!!! 😀

    • flowerball May 5, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

      We went to this burger shop called Kua’aina in Shibuya. It was pretty yummy, yes!

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