Quick trip to Shanghai…

25 Apr

Over the weekend,

my sisters and I went to visit

our dad and mom

who were and are still in Shanghai.

Much eating,

much drinking…

What else have we done?

Oh, shopping….

Yes, much shopping.

If the clothes turn out well,

maybe I will do a fashion show on my blog.

Well, we well see…

I said ‘turn out well‘ because

we are getting our clothes tailored.

There is this huge market that is

filled with fabric stores and tailor shops.

All you have to do is,

bring in a photo of

clothes you want them to make,

and they do it for you.

I guess you will have to know

how to bargain with the tailors

but mom goes there frequent enough that

she just knows how to

carry on the conversation and

ask them what kind of a deal

she could have.

The tailors and my mom both speak in

 broken English

so it was pretty funny and cute

to see them interact!

Anyways, it is a neat market

and I enjoyed it a lot.

By the way, isn’t it ridiculous to think that

buying clothes in Japan could be

more expensive than

getting your clothes tailored in Shanghai?!

The world is weird.


I didn’t really feel

like taking many photos there, unfortunately.


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